Hi I’m Mark Angelo, they call me “MACKY”. I love to travel and taking photos. I started creating website when I was in high school but this one is totally different. Now a days, travelling is very popular and blogging about it connects people globally.

Back in college, I used my Digital Camera when taking pictures and have it posted online. Raw photos is fine until Instagram became a popular mobile application and everyone hooked to it.

In 2015, I started leaving footprints to some famous destinations locally and hopefully internationally (soon). The word “travel” has been the most frequently used by mouth today. Millennials would add to number of people searching it almost every day. Travel agency, blogs and groups help individual, family and community to build and create their own hashtag like #onvacationmode #summerfun #livelovelaugh #itsmorefuninthephilippines and etc.

Tagalog time…Nosebleed na!

Why am I travelling? to experience other culture, foods and makita si forever <3

Ano gamit kong camera to take photos and Videos? sa mga old photos ko , i used Xaiomi Phones but water breaks it when i was in Cebu, so i bought Samsung S8, i also have DSLR Camer (Nikon d3100)

Photo Editor i used? Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and VSCO

Video Editor i used? Filmora and Adobe Premiere CC

Ano course ko? Bachelor of Science in Nursing but not board passer. I think dito ako sa industry na ganito related sa mga graphics.