Adobe Stock Launches Library of 70,000 Free Assets

Free stock assets are becoming more common, with stock behind large paywalls and one-time fees falling out of favor. Adobe have now launched a library that plays into the budget friendly option.

One area of the photography industry that has grown at a staggering rate in the last decade is stock. This has had a number of knock-on effects. Many stock photographers found themselves unable to earn the sort of money they were as competition became wide-spread and fierce. However, for the user of stock images and videos, this was good news. Prices became more affordable until eventually, sites like Pexels — and the divisive Unsplash — offered free stock images, usable on a commercial license. Free stock has become more prevalent in recent years, with the most effective use of them (for the companies listing the images) seeming to be as a way of enticing more searches of their database, and still requesting a fee from their best pieces.

While free stock photos aren’t necessarily too difficult to find, other assets can be trickier. In this Adobe Stock library you will also find royalty free vectors, graphics, and high-quality video footage. The free assets are under the same license as their paid options, and the free assets library is allegedly curated to keep the standard as high as possible.

So, enjoy some free images, videos, and vectors for your projects!