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Brandon Woelfel Inspired Preset for Lightroom CC Mobile

Brandon Woelfel-inspired look Lightroom Preset (make sure that your photo is shot in low light)
This preset defends in your low light shots/pictures, if the pictures are already good and less noisy, it will become more amazing. Sorry for my example below, these are the only low pictures I have. If you still don’t know how to download and import / use this preset, please watch How To Add and Apply Presets in Lightroom Mobile Below is the examples of this preset.


randon Woelfel Inspired

More Examples


  1. Wow 😍 salamat again.

  2. Gerezim Jyra Lique

    Damn. Ang ganda

  3. Wow 😍 salamat again.

  4. Gerezim Jyra Lique

    Damn. Ang ganda

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