neon lightroom mobile presets

Neon Lightroom Mobile Preset (Premium)

Neon Preset, as you can see it’s for neon shots/scenes but you can try also in other scene 🙂 You can dec or inc exposure and saturation PAY…

Calix Lightroom Mobile Preset

Calix Lightroom Mobile Preset (Premium)

Calix means handsome, so this preset will make your pictures/images handsome or beautiful. Enjoy!! You can dec or inc exposure PAY 200 PESOS (per preset) BELOW and PM…

Hype Lightroom Mobile Preset

Hype Lightroom Mobile Preset (Premium)

This Preset will work in most of all scenes, like landscape, portrait, foods, etc..The price of this preset is 100 pesos You can adjust exposure PAY 100 PESOS…

mackytravel lightroom mobile presets instagram

@mackytravel Lightroom Mobile Presets (Premium)

These Presets are my personal presets, and i always used these on my instagram feeds or any travel photos. I’m 100% sure that it will fit to any…

clean tones lightroom mobile presets

Clean Tones Lightroom Mobile Presets (Premium)

These presets (will add more in the future) are my first paid presets, it will add natural look on your photos or boost the color and make more…