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Recent content by Cahmahgon

  1. Cahmahgon


    Thank you..🙏☺️
  2. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Komeks by Kevin

    Thank you sir Lods..☺️☺️❤️
  3. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset RAFAELA-KentoiCastro

    Thank you for this Amazing Preset sir.. God Bless..
  4. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Breeze by Kevin

    Salamat sa Preset Sir Kevin..🤗
  5. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Legendary by Kevin

    Thank you sa Bagong Preset idol..👍☺
  6. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset KADILIMAN for Lightroom Mobile Presets

    Thank you po sa Preset Maam.. God Bless and Keep Safe po always..
  7. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Lea Preset by: Anthony Estavillo

    This Preset is Perfect for those who's Looking, for a Natural enhancement of Their photos.. Lea is The Name of My Wife..❤️💕 I hope you will Like this preset and Share the Outcome of this Preset to your Beautiful Shots in our Group.. Thank you☺️🙏 Link:⤵️...
  8. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Neonie Preset

    Bangis nitong Preset Na ito!!!
  9. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Wonderful Day

    Ganda!!! Keep it up tol!!! More Preset to Come!!!👍🤗
  10. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset The Killer Selfie Preset by Reggie Broqueza

    Nice Preset!!! Keep it up tol More Preset to come!!!🤗
  11. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Mayanna Preset by Mia Camagan

    Thnak you po d2 Maam.. Ganda!!!👍☺️
  12. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Magayon Preset by: Anthony Estavillo

    Please Support Sir Macky Presets and Own Presets of other Members..☺👍 Magayon Preset is base on the Bicolano and Filipino Pride Mount Mayon.. (Si Magayon). i Hope you will try and Like this Preset.. Link:
  13. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset Belle Fleur by Jecks Alvero

    Thank you for this Beautiful and amazing Preset Maam Jecks..👍☺️
  14. Cahmahgon

    ownpreset AnikaMae 2.0 - by: Anthony Estavillo

    Adjustments: Color mix red and Orange You can play with Exposure also For your desire outcome.. This Preset is made for Portrait And Selfie Photography.. DOWNLOAD LINK:⤵️
  15. Cahmahgon

    xmp 2 XMP Sunset Sunrise Lightroom Presets Win/Mac

    Salamat po🤗☺️