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Dual Tone Upgraded Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets

I have a lot of dual tone presets or duo tone presets, last year i created Day to Night presets and a lot of you loved it.

This year, Lightroom upgraded their app and they added Local hue Adjustment and it was cool, but the problem is it will work only in premium versions. I can share this features to you guys with graduated filters, so yeah!

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DuoTone Preset and D2N Mimic Lightroom Mobile Preset

  • Compatible with Lightroom Classic and CC.
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Works on RAW and JPEG images.
  • Fully adjustable.

Includes 21 different Lightroom Presets (.XMP and .DNG format)

Settings to change

dec or increase exposure, shadow, black, saturation and vibrance

Below are the example, Click to enlarge




Note: Please don’t sell these presets, I gave it for free. If you sell it , you will die haha Not so good preset but hope you still liked it.

This Preset Collection was made for Lightroom Mobile and PC users. Be sure to browse my website for more resources and let us know your favorites in the comments below.


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