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How to add Dust and Scratches using Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed

You’ve wondered how you can make this kind of art by yourself, this is for you.

There are bunch of random iPhone and Android apps that allow you to add grain and dust overlay to your photos (like Afterlight), but if you’re like me and want to achieve this effect on your computer using Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed so that you don’t waste any image quality, there’s a super easy option.


You’ll need some sort of .png file that you’ll apply over your edited photos. You can either make some on your own scanning actual dust or download some freebies online (like this one for example).

First edit your photos in Lightroom mobile, add your favorite vintage preset then save.

After that, you can add them to your Snapseed . Simply open Snapseed import  .png files then click tools and click double exposure then add image, add the image you created from lightroom mobile.



Dust and Scratches Samples

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