fine green lightroom mobile preset
Lightroom Preset

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets for Landscapes

These Presets will change mostly greens related color, so you must change the value of green, yellow and orange HSL.

User Friendly, Easy to Use, One Click, Lightroom Presets to help you achieve better imagery for your Instagram, Blogger and or just your personal photos. These will give your images a modern, trendy, Instagram inspired look.

Don’t forget to watch my tutorial about how to use mobile preset.

Settings to change

Decrease or Increase HSL (Green, yellow and orange) and Exposure if needed.

Below are the examples, Click to enlarge

Fine Green V1

Fine Green V2

Fine Green V3

Fine Green V4

Fine Green V5

Fine Green V6

Fine Green V7

Fine Green V8

Fine Green V9

Fine Green V10

Note: Please don’t sell this preset, I gave it for free.If you sell it , you will die haha

This Preset was made for Lightroom Mobile users. Be sure to browse my website for more resources and let us know your favorites in the comments below.


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