How to Organize your DNG Lightroom Preset for Mobile

Lightroom Mobile CC upgraded their features, they now added this feature called CREATE PRESET, you can now save your own preset using this feature and also you can now organize all dng preset you downloaded on this website. I will teach you how.

First open your lightroom mobile and then go to DNG image and the click 3 vertical dots on the right corner, then click CREATE PRESET.

create preset LRCCcreate preset lightroom mobile

Now you will see this option NEW PRESET, Just put the name of preset in PRESET NAME, in PRESET GROUP you can create your own folder, Click Preset group then CREATE NEW PRESET GROUP just add Macky Preset if that is my preset or it’s up to you what you want to make more organized then click check icon and done.

preset lightroom mobilepreset mobile dng presetpreset group lightroom

You can now use that preset with your other photos without copying and pasting setting just click preset in option when editing picture, then click the preset group you created and that’s it.

preset lightroom mobile dngpreset lightroom mobile dng preset lightroom mobile dnglightroom mobile preset dng

Just repeat the process in all DNG preset you downloaded from here or in other creators, and you can now delete the DNG files to save space.