Packing Perfectly For A Sun Soaked Getaway

Planning a sun soaked getaway can be such an exciting experience, as getting the chance to jet off away from the doom and gloom of regular life to a much warmer, more vibrant climate can be an event that one looks forward to for months on end. One of the most important features of your dream vacation that you simply mustn’t skip over is the packing of your suitcase, because you must make an effort to include all of the right clothing, accessories, beauty products, tech and entertainment that will allow you to truly make the most of your time abroad. Luckily, figuring out how to pack your bags perfectly needn’t be as difficult as you might think, as there are a few top tips and tricks that will enable you to fill your case with all of the right items. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best ideas and concepts that you can utilise today to enjoy the summer sun rather than surfing through the shops to buy things you left at home. 

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Clothing, Shoes & Accessories 

The most important aspect of your suitcase packing involves including the right clothes, shoes and accessories for the entire duration of your trip. Packing just a couple of outfits for a long 2 week vacation is nothing more than a bad idea, as you need to have enough clothing to get changed in the morning and evening into a fresh, clean look.

You’ll need light, airy, breathable outfits to catch the daytime rays, along with some longer sleeved alternatives that you can put on as the sun goes down and the chill sets in. Bikinis or swimming costumes are a must, as it’s such a pity to visit a beautiful ocean side location and not take a dip in the salty shores. When it comes to shoes, consider the concept of exploration and pack a pair of trainers that you can wear to climb and walk comfortably.

Sandals and other small shoes are beneficial to keep cool, but they can be uncomfortable through long periods of walking. Be sure to pack a pair of square or round sunglasses that have a high UV protection capacity, as not only will you look summer ready, you’ll also be keeping yourself out of harms way at the same time. 

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Tech & Entertainment 

The technology and entertainment that you pack should depend on the type and length of holiday that you book, as a short stay in an exotic location should require nothing more than a camera to snap some pictures, whereas a much longer stay in a tranquil and quiet spot may need a little extra to keep you occupied. Whether you decide to bring a tablet to watch films and television shows whilst lounging by the pool, a quality digital camera to photograph the beautiful scenery around you, or a set of hair styling equipment that can help you to look and feel fabulous throughout your trip – these are all essentials that may not be found in your vacation destination at an affordable price, or even at all if you’re heading somewhere rural!