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    These Presets will help you to improve your clouds or sky colors, for example, you have blown out clouds and you try to decrease the exposure, but other aspects of color was affected, and you still don’t know what to do, so I created these presets to help Lightroom preset developers.

    NOTE: You need latest version of Lightroom for Mobile and Desktop to run apply these effects

    These presets are the upgraded versions of these presets Sky Graduated Filters Presets

    Supported File Formats

    Our presets was designed to be used with any type of files that are open with Lightroom and you can easily adjust the presets to your own style or the needs of the image.

    • RAW
    • DNG
    • PSD
    • TIFF
    • JPG

    These presets may not work well on:

    • Overexposed Images.
    • Underexposed Images.
    • Images With No Background.
    • Low Quality Images.

    If you like this post and have a minute to comment below, I would be very grateful! The images showed in this preview are owned by me.