Singapore Travel Guide: DIY Itinerary, Foods and More!

They say that if you’re going to travel outside the Philippines for the first time, the first place you need to visit is SINGAPORE. I had high hopes and yes it does exceeded my expectations!

We flew to Singapore via Clark last May 12 and as usual we have a delayed flight and waited for about an hour past our boarding time.

clark airport

We arrived at CHANGI airport at about 4pm. Upon our arrival I can’t help but marvel at how exceptionally built this airport is and I have no doubt that it is indeed one of best there is.

We didn’t bring any local currency yet so we headed to the money changer area then exchange a few dollars first. From Terminal 4 we rode a shuttle bus bound to Terminal 2 where the MRT station is. MRT is the fastest and most efficient means of transportation in Singapore.

sg moneysg mrtsingapore transportation

Since it’s our first time we missed the station where we were suppose to disembark, haha. We were lucky that we have cousin whose working in Singapore and she’s kind enough to guide and wait for us at KHALLANG station and send us our hotel.

khallang singapore

After an hour of joyride we rode a taxi only to realize that our hotel is very near and we just ended paying an expensive taxi fare.

We were tired and hungry so after checking in, we just randomly choose food at a foodpark bought some stuff at the grocery then head back to the hotel took a shower and called it a day.

The next day our cousin and her friends took us out, since it’s Sunday we first visit Novena Church, luckily we were able to catch up with the morning mass and offered a prayer.

novena church singapore novena church singapore

After the mass we went to Resorts World Sentosa, ate our lunch, and took a lot of photo’s. We were allowed to the Casino, so we took the liberty to wander inside, enjoyed their free drinks, tried their slot machine and I Iost about 5SD haha!

After our casino escapade, our cousin and her friends took us to the Newton Food Park which is one of the popular hawker center in Singapore. There are a lot of food to choose from and since it’s free we digged in! hehe

After our early dinner we decided to go to Marina Bay to watch Spectra, however, the show just ended when we arrived and so we waited an hour to watch the light and water show. Despite the constant drizzle rain we enjoyed the show then off we went back to the hotel, took a shower
and let our tired body to rest.

Our third day was well spent at the Universal Studio. There are a lot of tourists that day and like them we want to enjoy, have fun and play. The kid in me was very excited to try all the rides
and wouldn’t let this chance to slip by without catching good photos. We lined up for the Transformers ride and and I think it’s the best!

We roamed around and after taking more photos we ate our lunch which I didn’t really enjoy.

To appease our food disppointment we took a Madagascar crate adventure that I and my niece enjoyed. We then watched the live Water World show which is really amazing.

This trip was exciting as I get to ride at the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster and the roller coaster and the puppet ride.

After all that we decided to rest for a while eat snacks and drink.

And take some pictures again and qgain…
We eat dinner first at vivo mall before going back to the hotel, naligo at natulog.

4th Day.

On our fourth day, my sister decided to stay at the hotel and rest. While I, my cousin and my niece went out and explore.

We want back to Gardens by the Bay, took better photos then we headed at the Supertree Grove. We took a stroll at OCBC Skyway which is an aerial walkway about 22 meters above the ground.

It was humid and hot so we decided to have lunch at a nearby pizza bistro.

After our lunchbreak we headed we decided to check the Cloud Forest. The place is a bit misty and cold as they use a cooling system to protect the plants from the heat.

Since it is still early we get the change to visit Merlion Park.

After wandering all day, my cousin went to lucky plaza to buy pasalubong while I went to went back to pick up my sister be at the hotel.

It is our last day we made a reservation with the help of our cousin and dined at Buffet Town International. It’s an Eat-all-you-can Resto similar to our Yakimix.
There are a lot of choices but unlike yakimix they don’t have smokeless grill. The shrimps are pre-cooked but you can ask them to cook some dishes like stirfry veggies.

Buffet Town International

After binge-eating, we became lethargic so we just head back to the hotel

The following day since our flight is late afternoon we decided to walk around the area and visit a popular coffee shop. We ordered and since we don’t have enough SGD my cousin planned to pay using her card but much to our dismay the shop only accept local cards so my cousin went out an ld look for an ATM. Luckily there are machines at a nearby MRT station, thus we were able to pay our food and eat

After our little misadventure, we went back to the hotel, slowly got ready then head to Changi airport for our flight back to PH.

We arrived at 7PM at Clark International Airport and since we left our car at the airport it was less of a hassle to travel back to our home town in Nueva Ecija.

I can say that I had a great time during our short vacation in Singapore.

It was a pleasant experience and I think I spent less money as we’ve pre-booked our hotel and paid for Universal Studios entry pass ahead of time. The 10K php as my baon was spent on food and entry pass for other attractions and some of it I used to buy personal stuff.

I would definitely go back and visit Singapore.