7 Free Premium Matte Preset for Lightroom Mobile CC

Hey guys, there are a lot of requests for this kind of preset, so I created some of matte presets for mobile users. I really don’t know if these what you guys are looking for, but I hope you will still like them. Don’t forget to watch my tutorial about how to use mobile preset.

I converted 7 matte presets para meron kayong choices, below are the examples,

Cafe Matte

1. Cafe Matte

B&W Matte

2. B&W Matte

Matte Travel Tone

3. Travel Tone

Matte Neutral Tone

4. Neutral Tone


5. Fade

Matte Vintage Tone

6. Matte Vintage Tone

Matte Vivid Style

7. Matte Vivid Style

This list of Presets are made for Lightroom Mobile users. Be sure to browse my website for more resources and let us know your favorites in the comments below and also if you want the PC version of this preset let me know.