Caricature Photo Manipulation Pa-Edit Section

Hey Guys, I think i need to boost my editing skills using photoshop, so i made this post so you can send your photos and i will edit it for you, I’ll convert your photos to caricature effects for free, I’ll edit your photo the way i want it.


  • Upload your photo to google drive (preferred) or any cloud services, and comment the link below, share the link to [email protected] and also comment the link of my presets (website link) that you want to apply on the photo (no preset link means just plain color)
  • Comment your email add where I can send the copy
  • One photo per user only, upload new photo if I already edit the previous one
  • Upload HD Copy. I don’t accept low quality Photo
  • Always visit this post if your next
  • I’ll edit the photos in orders

Sample Caricature