Working Gcam 8.1 Night Sight (Astro) for Samsung S9,S10,S20,S21 Exynos

Gcam is the most powerful app for mobile photography, especially in low light, that’s why a lot of mobile users want this app.

Exynos version is not easy to find most of the gcam port is for snapdragon. I Donated to arnova and i request some features to fix so we can use gcam 7.4 for samsung S10,S20 exynos. Credits goes all to ZORAN

Changelog of GCam 8.1.101 Vo by BSG:

  • Added toggle to disable Google photo by default.
  • Fixed bug of 3d panorama, when after minimizing the application, upon re-entering the sphere interface opened, but nothing could be done.
  • Added split white balance in quick settings shutter. Now you can turn it off for the front camera and turn it on for the main one and they will work separately.
  • Added exposure correction.
  • Added mode reset. Now, after minimizing or closing the camera at startup, you will always get into the main mode. So far, it has not been possible to reset not only the mode, but also the module.

Changelog of GCam 8.1.101 V0N by BSG:

  • Added additional options for choosing white balance.
  • Partially solved gallery problem on Android 9. As a workaround use Google photo
  • Fixed some errors in the definition of modules.

GCam v7.4

About Zoran:

ZGCam is Zoran’s port of GCam for Exynos-powered devices (Samsung, Motorola, etc).


ZGCAM 3359 (GCam 7.4).

Note: This apk uses the Samsung 3D Scanner app’s package name so Aux(iliary) lens work. Uninstall that app before installing this GCam.


Lens Shading Added
Fixes for One Vision/Action
Aperture Toggle Fixed
AeMode Set to 0 for certain Devices
Rainbow Fix Added(S9 and up)
(Test Version)
S20 Series Crash Fix(Clear Data If You Updated)

Watch Video below for samples


How to use config

Create a folder name Gcam inside that folder create a new folder name Configs7 and download below’s config and paste it, then open gcam and tap the black area in viewfinder and select the config then restore.

Final path must be: Internal Storage/Gcam/Configs7/Standard.xml

No storage found?

enable Mod,
go to settings then ABOUT ZGCAM MOD then TAP enable MOD

After than Click Mods Config Creator and go to the buttom and you’ll see XML Save Config, then click save.