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Working Gcam 6.1 Night Sight for Samsung S10 Exynos

This time Night sight is working, i suggest to install previous version from IDAN for Day scenes or for not too dark scene, because this version is not stable for that scenes.

Gcam is the most powerful app for mobile photography, especially in low light, that’s why a lot of mobile users want this app.

Exynos version is not easy to find most of the gcam port is for snapdragon. I Donated to arnova and i request some features to fix so we can use gcam 6.1 for samsung s10 exynos. Credits goes all to ARNOVA

Please read this carefully!

Indoor shot in day will work but outdoor shot will not work in day. (don’t point in sunlight)
NIGHTSIGHT Fully working just follow my settings. (you can use this settings indoors day time)
for night time indoor, just off autoexposure correction,exposure compensation and iso limit.
Portrait working too only back cam.

Watch Video below for samples

How to use config

Create a folder name Gcam inside that folder create a new folder name Configs and download below’s config and paste it, then open gcam and tap the black area in viewfinder and select tje config then restore.


  1. Thank you, you are the best. This works on the S9+ Exynos also. I was searching for this for a year and you made it happen.

    Thanks to IDAN but to you also because you made the donation and made it public.

  2. Hi! I didn’t understand how to configure. Can’t understand how to “black area in viewfinder and select tje config then restore.”

    Where I suppose to tap?

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