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Working Gcam 7.4 Night Sight for Samsung S9,S10,S20 Exynos

Gcam is the most powerful app for mobile photography, especially in low light, that’s why a lot of mobile users want this app.

Exynos version is not easy to find most of the gcam port is for snapdragon. I Donated to arnova and i request some features to fix so we can use gcam 7.4 for samsung S10,S20 exynos. Credits goes all to ZORAN

About Zoran:

ZGCam is Zoran’s port of GCam for Exynos-powered devices (Samsung, Motorola, etc).


ZGCAM 3359 (GCam 7.4).

Note: This apk uses the Samsung 3D Scanner app’s package name so Aux(iliary) lens work. Uninstall that app before installing this GCam.


Lens Shading Added
Fixes for One Vision/Action
Aperture Toggle Fixed
AeMode Set to 0 for certain Devices
Rainbow Fix Added(S9 and up)
(Test Version)
S20 Series Crash Fix(Clear Data If You Updated)

Watch Video below for samples


How to use config

Create a folder name Gcam inside that folder create a new folder name Configs7 and download below’s config and paste it, then open gcam and tap the black area in viewfinder and select the config then restore.

Final path must be: Internal Storage/Gcam/Configs7/Standard.xml

No storage found?

enable Mod,
go to settings then ABOUT ZGCAM MOD then TAP enable MOD

After than Click Mods Config Creator and go to the buttom and you’ll see XML Save Config, then click save.


  1. Thank you, you are the best. This works on the S9+ Exynos also. I was searching for this for a year and you made it happen.

    Thanks to IDAN but to you also because you made the donation and made it public.

  2. Hi! I didn’t understand how to configure. Can’t understand how to “black area in viewfinder and select tje config then restore.”

    Where I suppose to tap?

  3. Thank you. It worked in S10…Can I please get it for Samsung S8 as well.

  4. Hello, I installed the same as the tutorial video. But my pictures were burned bright, too much light and glare. Can you help me

  5. Biser Kasabov

    I also can’t understand how to install the config file.
    Please explain !

    • create a folder named Gcam in internal memory’s root thne, inside than Gcam folder create new folder called Configs and paste the .xml file into that folder.

  6. Sorry, but I tried clearing the cache and restore config but everything remains unchanged.

  7. Sorry, no chance to tap and restore config…

  8. After taking night shot the camera gets stuck processing hdr+ even though hdr is turned off?

  9. I just did that, still the same after i take night shot background notification says processing hdr+ progress sticks on half way. when i open the app again ther is a little blue dot on photo booth and photo sphere after i tap them processing stops

  10. all ok now uninstalled and reinstalled all. great thanks.

  11. Robin joseph

    Bro i am using samsung galaxy a 50 and that configs file is not working i m still not able to use night sight or portrait

  12. Duda, I still don’t undersrand how to “black area in viewfinder and select tje config then restore.” Its in the folder os on the App screen? I cant find….Can you please put a screenshot explaining than?

  13. Hi

    I still can’t understand what you mean “black area in viewfinder and select tje config then restore.” It’s on the APP or on the folder I created? Can you please put some screenshots explaining?

  14. Thanks. This also working for exynos Note9

  15. *Dude (mor DudA)

  16. Fieldmatic

    Works s9 duos Exynos version perfectly thanks

  17. Hi Again when are you releasing the new version?

  18. Como Fasso para no A30?

  19. I installed and do the all settings that I said but photo in day it’s very bright and portraits shots also, portrait mode not works on front camera ???? What do I do play tell I want Gcam on my s10 plus

  20. The tje config does not show. I tap & double tap the view finder… Nothing happens

  21. Also I notice the playback playmoji videos are not working. Any guideline to correct this error?

  22. Why when i take a pict using night sight mode it give me darkest pict rather than bright picture?

  23. Rocksteady

    The app seems to drain unreasonably my S10+. Yesterday, after a full charge, I was at about 5.5 half hours of screen on time and finished the day with 17% only. My gps was turned off. The system said the camera app drained only 6% during the day, but with the same usage on previous days, i would finish between 30-35% battery.

    Did anyone else notice similar issues?

  24. Thanks man! I’ve tried multiple version and it is the first one that works for night sight on my s10+. Appreciate!

  25. Tausif khan

    The photos are over exposed and burned nothing is visible, i tried clear cache but didn’t get how to change time, secondly while in this app the phone heats and battery drains fast.
    Can u help me with the issue.

  26. Hi, the download linked doesn’t seem to work, it take me to you home page, can you uploaded again please?

  27. Hi thanks for the upload! It works great! My only problem is the taken photo doesnt show up in the preview window any ideas why? Thanks!

  28. Can you help me the app didn’t install

  29. Can you help me mackytravel. the app didn’t install by the apk, but your camera day apk did install

  30. Can’t figure out how to configure.. using s10+ here.. 🙁

  31. It does not work on Note 10 Plus. T^T

  32. Hello Macky,
    I have a Samsung S10 plus Exynos. Which mode do I need to install?
    Day, Night, Super Night? Also I believe there is a night sight mode with a config file.

  33. Hi Macky,
    The install works but as soon as I apply the config all the pictures get very very bright. We can’t discern anything.

    I am on S10+ Exynos

  34. Narasimha

    Iam getting a error 403 ” I don’t have access to the folder” can you please assist.

  35. When i try to install the config, it says no storage found. Any tips ?

  36. Same here… “no storage found” on S10+.

  37. Hi macky, should the phone be rooted to install this?

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