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Working Gcam Port for Samsung s10 Exynos

We all know that s10 series is not good in very ow light ecene, because they don’t have mode called night sight, they use AI but not the hand held one.

Gcam is the most powerful app for mobile photography, especially in low light, that’s why a lot of mobile users want this app.

Exynos version is not easy to find most of the gcam port is for snapdragon. Luckily i found this old gcam port and still working. Credits goes all to IDAN

This post contains 3 version for 3 different scenes like Day, Night and Super Night.

Watch the video below

Once you already installed the app, please check the settings if it’s right, i just cloned the app and add the setting one by one.

Live hdr on
Correction slow shutter
Hdr parameter default
Lock frame on
Hdr underexposure multiplier 75
Live hdr on
Save all photos folder on
Denoise multiplier back and front 160
custom white balance on and set r100 g100 g100 b103
Final jpg quality 100%
Face box on
Use photos on

Download Link: DAY

same as day but underexposure multiple 0, hdr parameter very high,custom white balance on and set r108 g108 g108 b118

Download Link: NIGHT

Super night:
same as night but custom white balance r98 and shadow saturation 1.2

Download Link: SUPER NIGHT

Sample Images: To be upload later.


  1. All work ,thanks. However no night sight option.

  2. Amazing! You’re the BEST!

  3. thanks too much

  4. Thanks friend! Waiting for the night sight. Hope you could show it working soon 🙂

  5. Hi! Would be possible to have this but for Exynos S9+ .APK? Thanks!

  6. Sascha Bresemann

    I can’t find half the settings. Could someone explain. Where they are exactly

    Denoise multiplier back and front 160
    custom white balance on and set r100 g100 g100 b103
    Final jpg quality 100%
    Face box on
    Use photos on

  7. Sascha Bresemann

    Portrait not working and the effect of the face smoothing doesn’t work like on the pixel either which works on my OnePlus 6t

  8. It says the file doesn’t exist.

  9. Hey which night site is better? Posted on 11th april or 5th april?

  10. komatineni

    Trying as Samsung S10+ output sucks big time. Thx for the port

  11. Can you make config like you did in night sight so I don’t have to download 3 applications for 3 different situations?

  12. I really think you should make a video on the settings for all of the 3 apps because i think i did it right but only the night is working

  13. Hello, thank you first for giving yourself so much trouble!
    Does Porträit mode work as well?

  14. It is not working for me, after doing all the settings, screen is black

  15. Same issue as mentioned by others. When I go for potrait mode screen turns black. Still I really appreciate your work,thanks.

  16. Robert Picioc

    I tried it but none of the night modes work.It is a bit of a difference in the day app.But the night modes do absolutely nothing.Any ideas ? I use a s10 exynos model of course.

  17. Hi…thanks so much. Back camera seems to work but selfie camera pics are not coming out properly. Very grainy and lacks detail as compared to the result I am used with Gcam on my Op6. Please address this. Selfies are very important.

  18. Hola. Me gustaría que funcione el modo retrato. Muchas gracias!!!

  19. Fabricio Clemente

    The files are not available 😭

  20. How can I fix the use of the flash? The phone flashes but the picture is taken at the moment there is no light. With flash or without there is no difference. In selfie mode it works in the other no.

  21. Hi, In day app, selfies not work ( no hdr and beautiful option). Can’t find setting ,, use photos on” :(( If possible please make new great version :)))

  22. This works flawlessly !
    Even on my note 9 exynos version while the other version didnt works
    Gonna try it on my s9 plus ..
    Hope it works too
    I’m trying it on september 9th in the latest software updated on the samsung galaxy note 9 exynos version.

    Thank you So much!!!

  23. Hello
    The protrait mode is not working.
    Whn you select the portrait mode the screen is just black..nothing appears
    Help needed

  24. Hi, Are you working on GCam for Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

  25. Thank you for this! Is there a way to switch between the 3 back cameras?

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