I saw this instagram account called debiflue and I really like the colors, so I made this preset specially this specific picture.

Debiflue Maldives
picture from debiflue

just apply this preset to your mala maldive na pictures especially shots in go pro with dome , or if it’s not fit in that kind of pictures, just try it on your other kinds of scenery, note that not all presets will fit on your pictures, i suggest that play around with the chosen presetand see if it’s working.

Settings to change

You can adjust exposureshadowblackssaturation, clarity , texture, highlights, whites and HSL skin color

In many instances you will be able to get a great result with a single click. However, you can always make adjustments to suit individual photos.

These presets may not work well on:

  • Overexposed Images.
  • Underexposed Images.
  • Images With No Background.
  • Low Quality Images.
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