Work and travel: Occupations without borders

Let’s start with the basics. To choose a job that will take you a lot of travel, you have to really love travelling: not the holidays, not the postcards showing exotic landscapes, not the big cities or the deserts that are so different from your neighbourhood – but really the travel process. Otherwise, the jobs that everyone rushes to declare as those of their dreams when asked can very quickly prove to be nightmarish. And it is, for the vast majority of people, that when he declares that he is currently renouncing his normal life, family, friends and weekly plans to do such work, he does not realize that the concepts of “travel” and “holidays” in this case are not identical.

Having clarified all this, we can now proceed with our conscience clear to the list of some dream jobs that include travel. Do not say that we did not warn you, okay?

Cruise ship employee

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Unlike flight attendants, which is the first profession to mind when talking about travel jobs, their maritime version has less tight schedules and a clearly less unhealthy environment. Plus, the cruise ship employs a lot more people than you can imagine. Indicatively, you could work as an audio or video technician, chef, program manager, electrician, casino clerk, waiter, bartender, cleaning clerk, musician, dancer, babysitter or just babysitter, and the list goes on.

Tour Guide

Depending on your base, but also your specialization, your travels can vary. However, if you gain specialization and experience, you can work as a freelance guide and work with travel agencies, which will sometimes send you abroad. Necessary qualifications are the foreign languages – the more, the better – and the excellent knowledge of History (a degree from a similar school is counted in the positive characteristics).

Travel agent

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If you have been thinking about “office work”, you can review it. Yes, you will do office work (which is a good thing, because you will have an everyday life, you will not be permanent with a suitcase in hand and it will not be months until the next time you see your house) but you will also do frequent travel, as – as an intermediary between travellers and businesses such as hotels, cruise ships, theme parks, etc. You need to know first hand the product you will sell to your customers; otherwise, you will not be able to sell it, and that is something which the giants of the travel industry know very well.

Travel writer

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If you have a talent for writing, you dazzle everyone with the stories from your travels, and you have made it your life purpose to spread the idea of journey as a way of life, then this is the job of your dreams. An excellent knowledge of foreign languages is an essential resource, as a different language puts you above your peers and can increase your chances of getting hired.

Voice actor

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You are very reasonably wondering how the profession of a voice actor is on this list, and we will answer you immediately. The modern job of a voice actor offers tremendous flexibility and freedom to practice. In particular, anyone can practice the specific profession wherever he wishes, as long as he has the appropriate equipment for recording and mixing. In this way, a person can be literally anywhere while at the same time working on a job that allows him to be creative using his talent. So you can move from country to country working as a freelance voice actor or belong to a reputable voice acting agency like Voquent, which allows you, with its high pay and enormous opportunities for growth, to grow professionally while creating new travel experiences. Incredible and yet true.