Occupations for people who love to travel

If you are also obsessed with travel, then the best solution you have is to find a profession that combines creative work and travel and exploration in incredible parts of the world. Travelling for a living is a great way to make money and make this your favourite hobby. Two in one, one would say. Below you will read some professional alternatives that we suggest to you if you are also a lover of travel and you want to make a living while at the same time discovering new magical destinations.

1) Tourism industry

It may seem obvious to you, but if you want to find a profession that will include many trips, then you should definitely turn to the tourism industry. This could mean working as a flight attendant, pilot, or writer for a travel magazine. Most of your time you travel in parallel with your work of course, while at the same time you have a lot of time to explore a new place.

2) English teacher

English teachers are in high demand in many countries, and the good news is that most of the time, they do not even need an English degree to get a job. In this profession, you may not need to travel often; however, you will need to get in touch with different cultures and get to know them in-depth. This will make you, if not well-travelled, definitely a more educated individual.

3) Archaeologist

Depending on the field of archaeology you are involved in, you will also be able to work in the field of archaeology that interests you. Working in this profession, you will be in constant on-site research, which involves a lot of travel. Such a profession is recommended to people with a great love for archaeology, research, and the desire for knowledge of ancient cultures and early history.

4) Reporter

As a Reporter-Journalist, you can choose to go anywhere you want, either as a promoter or as an advertiser. Frequent travel worldwide to acquire the necessary knowledge for the global market and the right acquaintances is an integral part of this profession, making you well-travelled and full of experiences.

5) Photographer

Your love of photography can really take you around the world. Whether you are a landscape or wedding photographer or even an amateur, travel opportunities are innumerable. And it may take you a long time to build your career and stand out from the competition, but it is a profession that, in the end, is worth all the effort and sacrifices you will have to make.

6) Voice actor

It may seem like a special and unique choice to you, but to be precise, we are talking about a profession that has existed for decades in the field of entertainment and art. A voice actor records audio clips, which can be used in a wide range of entertainment media, whether we are talking about traditional media such as television, radio and cinema, or talking about more modern media, such as all these different channels and platforms the internet has created.

With all the modern equipment and media available to people, a talented voice actor can practice his profession without necessarily being in a recording studio. Modern technology, therefore, allows him to practice his profession from anywhere in the world, turning him into a so-called “digital nomad”. So if you are interested in practicing the highly creative profession of voice actor, all you have to do is visit voquent.com where you will be able to take on dozens of voice acting jobs, working as a freelancer with a flexible program and countless development opportunities. So it’s time to use all the means of technology to your advantage. What do you think? Are you ready to make a living while travelling and seeing the world’s beauty?