3 most insta-worthy spots in Thailand

For many holiday-goers, Thailand is a dream destination. Not only is it beautiful, filled with culture, and a fantastic experience, it also fulfils the most modern requirement of travel. Thailand looks just as good from a phone screen as it does with your own eyes, making it the perfect destination for Instagrammers and influencers of all shapes and sizes. In fact, Ben Groundwater considers this country one of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit, according to his The One Thing blog over at 1Cover. If that isn’t a stellar review, we don’t know what is.

So in a country so rich with locations for that perfect Instagram post, which destinations reign supreme? Here are a few of the most beautiful spots in the country to get you started:

Phi Phi

Phi Phi is an area of outstanding natural beauty in Thailand, with some truly breathtaking views and amazing local culture. The island even features three different viewpoints, where you can take some of the most insta-worthy shots of your life. Great light, beautiful scenery and incredible sights. What’s not to love? This destination offers plenty of locations for hiking, as well as countless beautiful beaches to sun yourselves on. With numerous resorts and the opportunity to visit other nearby islands, Phi Phi is an Instagram holy grail when it comes to beautiful destination photography. Blue seas, vast skies and some of the best rock formations and beaches around.

Koh Nang Yuan

Another of Thailand’s paradise-like islands, Koh Nang Yuan is more than meets the eye. This destination is part of three islands joined together by a sandbar, offering countless photo opportunities with the dramatic rock formations and cliffs surrounding the island. Thailand is so serious about preserving the natural beauty of this unique area that no plastic bottles or towels are allowed – making for seriously perfect shots with no risk of plastic floating in the sea. For those willing to swim, travelling to the furthest island is an excellent way to get some seriously amazing Instagram shots in a perfect paradise.

Wat Arun Temple

A completely different but equally beautiful destination, lovers of dramatic architecture will adore Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok. Also known as The Temple of Dawn, this fantastic Buddhist temple is intricately detailed and makes for the most amazing Instagram shots. While the outside is stunning and the perfect opportunities for a stunning photoshoot, the inside is just as impressive. Though covering your shoulders and knees is required for entry. The temple even looks incredible from a distance, especially when lit up at night. Widely considered some of the most beautiful architecture in Thailand, it’s no wonder this location is an Instagram hotspot.

When it comes to your Instagram feed, creating something beautiful can enhance your visit to a country. When it comes to Thailand, there’s beauty around every single corner. From amazing beaches to elegant temples, incredible landscapes to bustling markets, there’s a little something for everyone. What are your top insta-worthy spots in Thailand?