4 Reasons you should visit the Northern Mariana Islands

You may not know this but £4 trillion is spent in the travel and tourism sector each year. When it comes to world travel, one of the real hidden gems is the Northern Mariana Islands. An archipelago of 15 islands, it is located in the Western Pacific.

Situated close to Japan, Hawaii and the Philippines, it has been a favourite spot for those who like to travel the world for many years. Many more people are starting to discover this tropical paradise now though and find out what it has to offer.

But why should you make these islands one of your places to visit soon?

1. It has awesome beaches

For anyone who loves a beach holiday, the Northern Mariana Islands are a real paradise. The sand here is beautifully soft and ideal for laying out to sun yourself on. The beaches are framed by palm trees for that extra touch of exotic charm. The sea is also a big draw here with its coral reefs and crystal clear water. The temperature of the sea stays warm all year – it is normally around 80 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for swimming in.

2. Lots of activities on offer

Although the beaches give a great place to simply relax on, the clear and warm waters are also ideal for water sports enthusiasts. If you like to be more active, you will love snorkelling around the coral reefs and seeing a wide variety of underwater creatures. Naturally, the calm waters are also superb for sports like windsurfing or paddle-boarding. The islands have as much to offer for other active types too. If you like walking, for example, the stunning tropical landscape is great to stroll around. Just remember to take your camera with you when you do! There are some beautiful animals and landscapes to snap here as you go.

3. Friendly locals

Another fantastic reason to pay these islands a visit is the warm welcome you will receive. The locals here are very friendly and will welcome you with open arms. This will make your trip extra special and give you some great memories to bring home. Making the effort to interact with the local islanders will also give you a chance to experience their culture more. As this is one of the best things about travelling, it would be a shame to miss out.

4. A place to unwind

If you are looking to escape the stress and noise of urban life, these islands fit the bill. With only nearly 70,000 residents altogether and a total size of 477 square kilometres, they are small but perfectly formed. This gives the Northern Mariana Islands an unhurried feel and a very relaxed vibe. Once you have been here for a few days, you will feel much less stressed and frazzled!

Visit the Northern Mariana Islands today

As the above shows, these beautiful islands are well worth a visit and will give you some great photos and memories to bring back. If you are looking for somewhere chilled out to visit but with amazing beaches and scenery, they are one of the best choices around.