Edgardo’s Cafe Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

Edgardo’s Café is a coffee shop located on Emilio Vergara Highway, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. So my friend and I decided to grab a snack after our Minalungao Adventure before heading straight home and luckily we found this place. The moment you enter the Café you could already feel the cozy ambiance the establishment has to offer and their nice crew will greet you with a smile.


Since we only came there to have a snack we didn’t order much. We only ordered their All Cheese Pizza, a Root Beer float, a Hazelnut Frappé, and of course a Cappuccino. The All Cheese Pizza was so good we inhaled all eight slices in a flash. Hahaha. They also have 2 other flavors of their pizza, the All Meat Pizza and All Veggie Pizza.


My friend has this Root Beer Float addiction that whenever he sees a Root Beer Float on the menu that is always his go to drink. He let me have a taste and it was good, not on the level of A&W Root Beer Float but still good. And for my drink I ordered their Hazelnut Frappé. And with just that we could already tell that their food was great.

Edgardo's Cafe Cabanatuan City

They also serve different kinds of food and they also serve different kinds of beer, which is a bit odd for a café. Hahahahaha. But with the things that we ordered, we could already tell that they serve great food. The other great thing about Edgardo’s is their comfort room. It was super clean and well maintained that it doesn’t smell like a comfort room, you could even hang out there for hours and not grossed out about it. Kidding. Hahahaha. Anyway, all in all Edgardo’s is a pretty great place. If you’re in Cabanatuan and you want to find a place where you can hang out and just chill and have great food, Edgardo’s is the place to go.